Betting Systems And Methods In Casino Games: Considerations

Tens of billions of neurons burned in search of the perfect betting method. Since casino games 3win99 have existed, the number of people who, in a more or less intelligent way, has tried to study systems that can beat the bank in a certain way, guaranteeing a sure gain over time, has been enormous. Starting from the assumption that such systems have not been invented, we make some general considerations on betting systems, using some questions, forum posts, and more that I encountered while surfing the net as a starting point.

Martingale: triple instead of doubling? The “Martingale” method is simply the doubling method, the one that is passed off as an infallible online casino (but do you still believe it?). It applies on bets that pay 2: 1 payout, such as red or equal to Roulette. Start at a value of 1 unit. If you win, you bet 1 more unit. If you lose, double your bet until you lose your losses. It is mathematically certified that using this method; you lose more than playing in a completely random way.

Someone hypothesized then to triple the bet in case of loss because, in this method, the return in economic terms (bet * 2) is too low for the risk of losing (about 50%). Could the choice increase the return for individual winnings work?

No, it’s even worse. In this way, already with a negative series of 3-4 hits, the amount to bet becomes very high, and it is extremely easier to reach the limits of your bankroll or those of the table. Rejected with flying colors, do not use it in online casinos or in any other place where you can bet!

In some online casinos, it is possible to spin the Roulette without betting. Can this be an advantage for the player? If I can spin the Roulette without betting, then I can wait for a long series to come out, for example, 6 reds, to then bet on black and have a better chance of winning. Wrong, this error is known as “Gambler’s fallacy.”

The roulette ball has no memory; the mathematical probabilities that it comes out black have nothing to do with the fact that until that moment, it came out red, these events are completely independent. Someone might object that for the law of large numbers sooner or later, it must go out black, and it is true, but 5, 10, or even 15 sorties do not represent “large numbers.”

Have you read or heard that anyone had studied a method by which to win in casinos or betting, bringing home big profits? Either he’s lucky, and he’s lying about the method, or he’s just lying. One of the biggest problems related to betting systems is that sometimes, due to luck, they are extremely effective. The player is thus convinced that he has discovered something better than hot water and starts betting strong, especially in online casinos. And at the moment in which the luck ends, here it is not able to how it could have lost so much.

We will never tire of repeating it: betting systems, especially for online casinos, do not guarantee any winnings. They can, at the most, limit the house edge if the player uses an optimized mathematical strategy or avoid placing bets in too inconvenient ways, but nothing more. You need luck, more than science!