How to Win at Online Roulette: The Most Effective Systems

Below we have collected the most effective strategies and methods to win this game.

We would be false if we affirmed (as is done by many sources on the internet) that there is a trick, a system that allows you to guarantee 100% certain winnings at Roulette. But those listed below are systems that really allow you to significantly increase your chances of making Roulette wins.

The basis of this best malaysia live casino game is a table made up of 37 numbers with black and red colors, with the exception of the number 0, which is green and acts as a Jolly.

The table, in turn, can be divided into the following ways:

  • in red numbers and black numbers
  • in even and odd numbers
  • in sestine
  • in triplets
  • in dozens
  • in columns
  • in sections 1-18 and 19-36

As with other online live casino games, roulette strategies also exist to help improve the odds of winning. This article will explain the following ways to win Roulette:

  • red/black method
  • dozen system
  • triplet system
  • d’Alembert method
  • Fibonacci method

Doubling Or Red / Black Method

The red and black strategy is probably the best known. You start by choosing a unit of measurement, that is, the value of the piece you want to play. This unit will be at the end of the process, the profit accrued by this strategy.

After that, the chips are placed on the table, and the wheel is turned. In the case of victory, the usual piece continues to be played. In case of defeat, the bet is doubled by playing two chips.

If you lose again, continue doubling as long as the win shows up.

Example: 1 euro is played on red. He turns the wheel, and a black number comes out. At this point, you bet 2 dollars in red. He turns the wheel, and another black comes out. 4 dollars are wagered on red. He turns the wheel, and a red comes out. The total winnings will be 8 dollars, which, subtracting 7 dollars from bets, will make a profit of 1 euro, i.e., the initial stake.

Due to this game behavior, this strategy is also called the doubling method.

It is a recommended method for those who have high budgets, considering that the stakes double from time to time until the wager is hit.

Dozen System

At the base of this trick for Roulette is the division of the game table into dozens 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. These groups are called the first dozen, second dozen, and third dozen, respectively.

To begin with, the player has to spin around to see where the ball falls. After the first dealer launch, two chips of the same value must be placed on the dozen face up.

For example: if the ball falls on the number 4 (first dozen), the player must put a $ 1.00 chip on the second dozen and another $ 1.00 chip on the third dozen. It is important that the two chips are of the same amount.

If the player wins, he can repeat the operation and continue with the game; otherwise, he must place the chips on the same dozen again, doubling the value of the bet.

Taking the example above, if the first round is a loser, the player must bet two $ 1.00 chips on the second dozen and two more $ 1.00 chips on the third dozen.

Dozens pay three times as much at stake. If you bet two $ 1.00 chips, you would win $ 6.00.